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"Our strong partnership with local and regional vendors has created the perfect mix of developers and engineers to globally position our customers and CQube"       
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CQube Data Systems
Box 1201
Millington, TN 38083

901-737-0523 Ph

What is CQube
CQube specializes in system application development, relying on expertise in a variety of disciplines including but not limited to engineering, computer science, mathematics and information systems design.

CQube Philosophy
CQube Data Systems approaches every project with the same four point philosophy

Solve the Right Problem
Our personnel are highly trained and experienced in problem analysis. This allows them to understand your needs and determine the most cost effective way to help you.

Consider the Big Picture
We do not work in a vacuum; we will not propose solutions that are at odds with other projects or your company strategies. Likewise, we will not propose solutions that render your existing technology useless.

Apply Current Technology
We participate in a number of Professional Societies and User's Groups, and we stay in constant touch with current techniques and trends. We combine this information with your existing technology base to help you evolve smoothly.

Deliver High Quality Work
Most importantly, we do not consider a job complete unless it meets your needs, is fully documented and can be easily maintained.
Approximately twenty-five percent of CQube's professional staff have served in the military services for terms ranging from 10 to 25 years in highly specialized jobs. a strong blend of professional from the industrial, academic and military backgrounds enables CQube to develop a system of checks and balances, combining the application of theoretical knowledge with the tempering influence of pratical experience.

CQube PROFESSIONALISM, EXPERIENCE, and COMMITMENT can help you to procure and install integrated systems on time and on budget.

Deliver systems faster without increasing your staff

Get the expertise you need in key skill areas
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